tisdag 20 mars 2012

Anneli Holmstrom - Artist Talk

Artist Talk by Anneli Holmstrom 
at Novia (Jakobstadsvägen 24, Nykarleby) Wednesday 21.2. 15:30

"Soundtrack to the lived and the Dying" Performance 
Huntly Hairst Live Art Festival 2009.

Anneli Holmström (Edinburgh) has since January worked within the AiR-Programme of Nykarleby.
During autumn she was at the residency at Stundars (Solf) where she started a project called The Retreat which is a series of paintings based on interviews on the same topic - and/or recreation. This project is continued here in Nykarleby.
Recently she has also worked with paintings connected to texts written by author Carita Nyström. This has been exhibited in Vasa and now in Korsnäs.

Anneli works mainly with painting, performance and sculpture. Often with projects that contains more than one of those specific techniques/"genres".

From her website:

"In a modern world brimming with objects made to fulfill a specific function, my research takes me to question how 'function' or 'purpose' might be applied when considering human subjects. What are we made for? How to live? How to love? How to find home? and so on. Through art making, I seek to ultimately create an archive of works that explore these aspects of the purpose seeking self.  

Just as there are countless ways to tell the same story, I like to experiment using different approaches of media, blending sculpture, film and performance into one art form. Through this process, I hope to compare the potentials and limitations of different art medias when documenting personal and collective history."

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