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Nykarleby Art History No. 2

May 12th,13th 2009.

Together with a group of students from Fine Art, Photography, Film and Design educations (at Novia University of Applied Science) Artist Inga Liljeström created and performed the show "Sparkstötting" at Kulturhuset Scala in Nykarleby.

From the information folder:
Inga Liljeström,(singer/composer who is based in Australia and France) and a group of art students have collaborated to make a happening - a melding of art forms, experimenting with music, film, art, costume, text and dance.

It can be thought of as a cinematic journey exploring the emotional landscapes of a woman, representing the landscapes and isolation and empty spaces of Nykarleby and its surrounds, but the internal landscapes are rich and full, as are the raw emotion of her songs.
The setting at the old Scala theatre and the use of sounds from Nykarleby
everyday life will be used to enhance this feeling.

Together they are hoping to create a show that will allow the audience to be swept up in this little world they have created, while still allowing the
audience a lot of room for their own interpretation.

The show on May 13th was filmed, recorded and later also screened at Vasa City Art Gallery.

Following photos are from the general rehearsal. © Robert Back

Inga, Carolin Koss and Mikael Sten

Sawandi Groskind, Inga, Carolin.

Arne Braun, Sawandi, Inga, Carolin, Mikael, Matilda Enegren

Inga and Carolin.

Created and performed by:
Inga Liljeström. 
Courtney Hodgkin. Vocals, music, costume, performance
Carolin Koss. Vocals, music, costume, performance
Matilda Enegren. Piano, scenography, animation
Sawandi Groskind. Bass, keyboards
Mikael Sten. Accordion
Arne Braun. Guitar
Sara Braun. Coreography, dance
Oscar Hagen. Video projection
Elena Nestorova. Projection
Sandra Heim. Animation, program folder.
Maria Lindborg. Costume
Anders Djupsjöbacka. Light, scenography
Eira Enqvist. Scenography
Joakim Finnholm. Sound mixer
Gieljan Van Goethem. Video. Poster
Aurora Holm. Photo documentation
Julia Ajanko. Photo documentation
Film documentation / production:
Oscar Hagen. Editor
Johan Stolpe. Camera
Kim Viitanen. Camera

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