tisdag 11 december 2012

Fresh AiR 4.12

Fresh AiR #1 (program in previous post) went underway on Tuesday 4.12. The seminar focused mainly on Artist Residencies in general together with their profiles, problems, problem strategies, solutions and other basic issues connected to this field of art and cultural practice. The talks was rounded up at the end of the day with a very interesting panel discussion that touched several important questions. However a lot of the topics was, not unexpected, left open without specific answers but then again one day of debate is merely an opening when sometimes complex matters are on the table. 
Therefore the conference was also the first event in a planned continuous series of AiR-related seminars, talks and workshops. Fresh AiR conference #2 is preliminary planned to take place during the autumn 2013.

Sören Lillkung, Head of the Cultural department of Novia University of Applied Science (and Art), opens the Conference. 

Christoph Tannert during his presentation of Künstlerhaus Bethanien
KB is one of the oldest and more established Residency Organisations with a well developed programme. The difference between various residency organisations and their profiles was one of the main topics in this first Fresh AiR edition and also a cause for further discussions.

Alessandra Pomarico of SoundRes talks about their program, profile and way of interacting with the local community. All the talks opened up for either ideas, confirmed thoughts and topics to consider and discuss within the field of international art projects and residency programs.

Ulrika Ferm presents Platform (Vasa). Platform is in terms of location and size comparable to AiR-Jakobstad but the profile is a different one. 

At the end of the day some of the remaining questions and thoughts where discussed. The keynote speakers was joined by Sabina Westerholm of Pro Artibus and Albert Braun (Fine Arts, Novia) who moderated.

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