måndag 26 januari 2015

Artist Talk - Patrik Qvist

Wednesday 28.1 at 15:30 PM

Artist Talk by Patrik Qvist (-68), architect studies at City College of New York and Kungliga Tekniska högskolan in Stockholm (MA)
Patrik is currently the guest artist at Platform in Vasa. His work is technically varied and consists - among other things - of construction, installations and painting.
Campus Allegro, Lecture room 138 (next to the entrance at Runebergsgatan 8).

"Sway- the scattered forest of ancient trees: About a year go I started on a new project about trees that have been around for several thousand years. I had come to a point in my work with environmental issues where I wanted to engage in something positive and less gloomy than reports on climate change and found that really old trees could provide an interesting starting point for a discussion on resilience, sustainability and environment. On Wednesday, I will show some of this work, the bulk of which still is in progress; and also talk a little about alternate models of financing an art project and the artist as a tourist."

Following images from "Shacks".

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