fredag 17 februari 2012

Girilal Baars - Artist Talk.

Artist Talk by Girilal Baars 
at Novia (Jakobstadsvägen 24, Nykarleby) Wednesday 22.2. 15:30

Photo by Jeanette Hägglund

Girilal Baars is a musician, singer and composer. He works mainly with contemporary experimetal music/composition/"sound-making" but also with traditional folk music from various cultures.
Equipment-wise he works with an array of instruments from traditional ones via objects to electronical alternatives.
An important ingredient in his work is also language and how different languages relate to each other.
Girilal is at the moment (January - February 2012) Guest Artist at the Platform residency in Vasa and we're very glad that we have the opportunity to have him in Nykarleby for this Artist Talk.

More info on his website:

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