måndag 20 februari 2012

Preparing for the Post-Apocalyptic Times

Former Novia Fine Arts students Tuuli Toivola, Ninni Wager and Kika Wikman prepares for post-apocalyptic times at the Stúdió Galéria in Budapest.
Together they form the Artists Group Airbakers (more info below).

The Stúdió Galéria is the gallery space run by Studio of Young Artists Association in Budapest - which is also one of our partner organisations for artist exchanges.

From their - Airbakers' - Facebook page:

Airbakers is an artist group founded in 2010 and is based in Helsinki, Finland.

The exhibition “Preparing for the Post-apocalyptic times” consists of videoworks,
sculptor and zine installed together as an abstract narrative.
The works are looking behind the surfaces of friendship and the essence of collaboration.

The first realized experiment was the conclusion of our conversations. That installation was coming from the idea of privatization, to take a tiny piece of land and changing it - by literally turning it upside down. The root layer of this object became the base of a float, with the crown of the trees transformed partly to roots, and at the same time: an underwater forest. This dream-like dadaist transport device was the starting point of the following collaborative drawing series, video works, and more ideas connected to it.
The exhibition is a result of a more than one year deconstruction of patterns and finding out possibilities outside of the given.

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