onsdag 16 november 2016

Guest artists - Catherine Ludwig & Jessica Kallage-Goetze

Residence Artists in July-August was Catherine Ludwig and Jessica Kallage-Goetze
Both artists was here through our collaboration with Oberpfälzer Künstlerhaus in Schwandorf.

Oulanka Nature Piece. Jessica Kallage-Goetze

Jessica Kallage-Goetze (above)

Catherine Ludwig

"Crazy golf"
To get to know a culture at ease, I am dealing with their specific activities. During an Artist in Residence in Finland this summer I confronted myself with one dying and one trendy sports which are related to each other: mini/crazy golf & disc/frisbee golf.
The demise of NOKIA has hit the Finnish economy hard - a lot of people can no longer afford an expensive sports like golf.
But an alternative to golf has opened up: the frisbee golf, which is especially played in the woods.

In a “Tableau Vivant”, a large drawing, showing about 30 very concentrated frisbee players in bizarre poses while their attempt to place the frisbee in the metal basket, I dealt with this new trend. Will this trend also spill over to the forests of Austria?
I also started to evolve the “old fashioned leisure pleasure” - mini golf. In any place and on each campsite in Finland there is a mini golf course - some still alre working, some others already “out of order” – but all of them are very similar. Since the mini golf requires only little space and few resources, it makes sense, to revive it. However, it would need new ideas and concepts for it.
I join this recreational activity and the artistic debate and put new incentives to this old fashioned sports: new rules, new tracks and advanced game options.
In sketches and plaster models you see first ideas: other formats, other tracks with more holes...

Catherine Ludwig

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