onsdag 29 mars 2017

Intrusive or extrusive? Christoph Mügge

Our guest artist from November (2016) to April (2017) has been (or still is) Christoph Mügge.

His first project was to start working for an installation at Galleri Gro. The exhibition "Genomgångsledsblockeringsöppning" (directly translated into something like "Passage way direction blocking opening") opened in January. 

The installation acted as some organic "being", totally taking control over its surroundings both physically and psychologically.

As a contribution to various political and cultural discourses, the work acquired a conceptual relevance and acted as some sort of almost scientific visualisation of several burning topics in contemporary society. 

Whether this is how art (or subcultures - good or bad) lives and spreads (or are seen as) can perhaps remain unwritten in this post. However the intrusive - or extrusive - work did indeed cause a certain amount of questions and even irritation to some degree. Thus it effectively put its finger on several issues connected to contemporary [economical, environmental and ethical] mindsets.

More about Christoph Mügge and his work, is found on his website.

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