torsdag 17 augusti 2017

Simona Koch

While her residency stay in Jakobstad Simona Koch continues with a series of works under the name „ABIOTISM“.
Abiotic comes from the greek and means “without life”. There are things in the world that are said to not be living and yet they are in motion, can store information and are crucial building blocks for the bodies of creatures. In societies with an animistic view of the world, things such as stones, water, the sun, crystals are believed to have certain powers, capabilities and even a soul. 

In her work „ABIOTISM / Water“ Simona Koch investigates the behavior of water and its ability to reflect the mode of the climate and the other elements (wind, earth and fire). In early greek nature philosophy the idea arised that everything has its origin in the four elements. Thales of Milet even thought that water was the prime matter. Later, Empodokles established the theory of the classical elements.

With another work (Captured Abiotism) she is trying to capture these abiotic aspects of nature, that can be found for example in reflections, certain constellations or movements with a self-made pinhole camera.

Captions to the images:
ABIOTISM 7 / Water, 2017
Captured Abiotism #2, 2016

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