måndag 20 augusti 2018

At Energiverket during Spotlight

This post is an advertisement for the happenings at Energiverket during Spotlight Jakobstad 22.8.2018

More information at the website of Energiverket.

onsdag 25 juli 2018

Katharina Kraus - Energiverket 25.7

Our residence Artist of the summer - Katharina Kraus - shows her work at Energiverket (Kanalesplanaden 9, Jakobstad) 25.7. 14:00 - 20:00.

I'm a painter, but also a collector - taking found objects like postcards, everyday things and photos and giving them my own "handwriting" is essential for my work. 
My "room paintings" invent or reinvent rooms; my goal is to construct rooms that look familiar but also strange. I use distorted perspectives and flat-looking surfaces to construct the illusion of space and deny it at the same time. 
For my objects, I take the same painted canvas, cut it, sew it together and fill it to make it three-dimensional. 
My work starts in painting, but reaches out to sculpture and installation. Painting becomes object and object becomes painting. 

måndag 18 juni 2018

Stephan US at Energiverket 4.6.2018

Text by Stephan US

All rights Stephan US - VG Bild-Kunst 2018

torsdag 24 maj 2018

Blossoms of Silence

Guest Artist Stephan US (Münster, Germany) is visiting us at the moment.

He has together with students done a workshop and recently he preformed Blossoms of Silence at the Campus.

Another performance is coming up at the Energiverket on monday June 4th at 18 PM (preliminary time). More about that later.

(Click on the images for bigger size)

Photos: Robert Back (1-7), Conny Emmerstedt (8).

tisdag 20 mars 2018

Johanna Hästö

In November and December Johanna Hästö (Swe) was our guest artist.

Together with a group of students we made a short workshop around the topic of geologic uplift - which locally is rather fast. Fast in this case means appr. 9 mm per year.

The geologic uplift is naturally most obvious along the coast. So we went there to meet with it and experience it during a few hours. What kind of thoughts does it awaken? We started off being completely silent in order to get in touch with the surroundings (and the uplift) rather than each other.

Back in the studio we analysed our experiences and prepared (and did) a short presentation/performance based on thoughts and spontaneous conclusions. 
Time wise the workshop was rather limited, but sometimes that's exactly right on.

Risk Rusk Situation #1

During the Rusk Festival 20-25.11 guest artist Guillermo Galindo (Mexico/USA) did a workshop together with students and local artists. The workshop resulted in a performance - RISK RUSK SITUATION #1 - 25 November. These images are taken during planning and preparing.

Mikki Boxström and Emma Wikberg are testing various sound options of the main "instrument" - a metal fence.

Michele Uccheddu also checks sound possibilities.

Carina Ahlskog and Moa Cederberg.

Annika Mylläri, Christoffer Sundqvist (one of the festivals artistic leaders) and Guillermo Galindo.

Guillermo Galindo.

Sign sound - later to be removed from the performance.